About Us

Welcome.  I am Jonathan Rucker, also known as Tally, a nickname inspired by a game a friend & I played one night.

Growing up in Harlem, NYC, gave me exposure to some of the hottest fashion trends ever to grace the planet, thus creating my love for fashion.

Tally's Mojos was born of that love along with the belief that fashion doesn't start and end on your person; instead, it extends itself to your home, office space, car & surroundings, fully showcasing you & giving a complete look at your Mojo.

Tally's Mojos' name is a combination of two childhood nicknames (Tally + Mojo) & meant to accomplish two goals.

Our 1st Goal was to find a way to put my name on the brand (and let's face it, Jonathan's Mojos doesn't have the same charm, lol).

Our 2nd Goal to create a feel-good whole life brand. The Mojos part of our name represents the feel-good items we provide to our customers.

I want to take the time to welcome you to the Tally's Mojos family personally. We look forward to becoming your go-to brand and growing with you.

Please enjoy your shopping experience and let us know if there are any other Mojos that you would like to see in our shop.

-Jonathan Rucker

Creator & Brand Visionary